Air Conditioning

Allen Brown Heating & Cooling installs, services, repairs and maintains air conditioning equipment for residential and light commercial customers in Athens, AL, and surrounding areas. Our factory trained technicians are ready to help.

Indoor air comfort and efficiency depend on several different factors:

Ambient air temperatureAmerican Standard authorized dealer Athens, AL
The ambient air temperature is a combination of the air being supplied by the air conditioning system, and the temperature of the contents of the home. Changing air temperatures drastically during 24 hour periods may wonder why comfort levels take so long to adjust. We can help you save money on heating and cooling bills without subjecting your home to large temperature swings and causing you and your family discomfort.

SEER Rating
A SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio Rating, for your air conditioning unit is a bit like miles per gallon is for your car. This rating is obtained by dividing a unit’s cooling output, measured in BTUs, by the total energy consumed, watt-hours, over a typical cooling season. The higher the SEER Rating, the more efficiently an air conditioning unit operates. As of January 2006, the federal government has mandated that all new central air conditioning systems be at least a 13-SEER. At Allen Brown Heating and Cooling, we install units capable of a 16-SEER.

All homes and businesses need the proper mix of indoor and outdoor air to stay clean and fresh. When we balance your system, we will advise on the correct proportions to keep your air healthy, while reducing temperature loss. Ventilation also means filtering to reduce air bourn pollutants. Talk with us about any allergens, odors, or other irritants that can be removed by a good ventilation system.

Window orientation and heat gain
Almost all buildings have hot spots and cold spots caused by solar heat gain and the propensity of warm air to rise. We recommend zoning your heating and cooling systems based on the orientation of your home, and the levels in your home. By supplying only what is needed for each zone, we can help you save energy.

Air handling units, chillers, heat pumps,and fans all need to be inspected, cleaned and serviced regularly to increase their life. Allen Brown will inspect and clean air conditioning coils, change filters, replenish coolant, tighten any loose parts and ensure that your air conditioning unit will last and perform efficiently for many years to come.

Stay comfortable with American Standard

When the time comes for replacement, remember that Allen Brown will install a new more efficient unit that can save energy costs. We can evaluate the tonnage you need for your home, zone by zone, and size the unit correctly. Let us help you save energy and live comfortably. As an authorized dealer, we recommend American Standard.

Call us for all your air conditioning needs.